Snatch grip deadlift: Anything you will need to know


What is a snatch grip deadlift compared to other deadlift variations?

For a traditional deadlift, the setting up position will see you established up with your hands on the bar directly beneath your shoulders, still for the snatch grip deadlift, your arms will be further more aside allowing for a broader grip.

Of all the feasible deadlift variants, what are the rewards of a snatch grip deadlift, how do they differ from normal deadlifts, and why ought to you look at introducing them into your programme?

Snatch grip start position

Benefits of snatch grip deadlift

Some of the key advantages of a extensive grip are:

Again energy and hypertrophy

The wider grip will be more demanding for the muscle mass of your again, significantly the lats and erector spine, and targets the higher back muscle mass these types of as the Traps and Rhomboids. This variation will also enable lifters who are prone to ‘rounding’ their backs during a normal deadlift

Grip toughness

The broader grip places you at a crystal clear mechanical disadvantage. This signifies that your grip will most likely locate it additional tough to maintain keep of the very same volume of bodyweight since the angle of your arm doesn’t let you to grip the bar in the identical way you can with a shoulder-width grip.

Elevated assortment of motion

Bending your knees and pushing your hips back a tiny bit much more raises the variety of motion of your hip and knee joints marginally, which suggests your posterior chain will have to perform difficult to create sufficient power and ability.

Crossover for Olympic weightlifters

The snatch grip deadlift is fundamentally the base part of an Olympic snatch, so by focussing on this part of the more intricate raise you can simply iron out any technological faults and strengthen your over-all snatch strategy.

Crossover for any lifter

As you begin pulling the bar absent from the ground your trunk will need to have to brace tightly, and simply because of the elevated depth, your ability to hip hinge will boost, and we have previously highlighted the elevated grip toughness. These three features will benefit quite a lot anybody, with any target.

snatch grip deadlift

What muscles does a snatch grip deadlift focus on?

The principal principal muscle tissue specific by a snatch grip deadlift are:

Lats, Traps and Rhomboids (upper again muscles), Erector Spinae (lower back again), Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Forearms, and a substantial total of trunk/main musculature.

How to do a snatch grip deadlift

1 – Tactic the barbell (on the floor). Set up with your toes about hip-width apart, your ‘midfoot’ immediately beneath the bar, and with stress evenly distributed in the course of your feet.

2 – Press your hips back as much as you, and bend at the knees to decreased your arms down in direction of the bar. Location your fingers on the bar in the ‘snatch grip’* position with a double overhand grip**.

3 – Grip tightly, and have interaction your arms, trunk/again, hips, and legs so that your body is tensed and prepared to raise. Your shoulders should really be immediately higher than your palms, your back must be flexed, your upper body up, and your shoulders a little previously mentioned hip peak.

4 – Initiate the motion by at the same time pushing your toes down into the flooring (“push the floor away”) and pulling the bar up with your hands, arms, and back. Be mindful to guarantee that your hips and shoulders transfer at the similar pace during the preliminary phase as the bar moves from the floor to close to mid-shin peak – film on your own from the facet and watch it back in gradual movement if you want to check.

5 – From mid-shin height you should push your hips forwards, preserving the bar as shut to your legs as achievable, and complete in a standing place with your upper body up and the bar in call with your mid/upper thighs.

6 – Force your hips back again toward the wall and retain the bar in call with your legs in the course of, return to the get started situation in a controlled method ready to re-set and repeat the movement.

snatch grip deadlift end


Whether or not your objectives are really unique (Olympic weightlifting) or really generic, the snatch grip deadlift is a lesser-acknowledged variation of a extremely common physical exercise that is well value introducing into your energy and conditioning programme.

The more grip toughness, trunk strength, and hip hinge energy are vital physical qualities that nobody can be ‘too good’ at and that all people will advantage from improving upon.


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