The diet Glen Powell followed to build his 7-7 days body for Prime Gun: Maverick


Glen Powell required to be in the most effective condition of his existence for the new Major Gun: Maverick film – so his diet and training needed to be on-stage.

With just 7 months to create a lean and muscular physique for Tom Cruise’s Top Gun sequel, he place his body transformation in the hands of Nick Mitchell and his Best General performance team.

Widely regarded as the world’s primary personal coach, U.P. CEO Nick has overseen 25,000+ amazing transformations with common purchasers worldwide.

Nick designed a training program to give Glen the athletic glimpse he wanted – but receiving Glen’s diet ideal was important in assisting reshape his body more than the 7 months.

Like countless numbers of executives we operate with, Glen didn’t have the time or headspace to assume about a advanced diet approach.

He did not have an army of chefs serving up every meal. He was filming, rehearsing, travelling from site to location, or finding out to fly on his gruelling Best Gun plan.

What Glen needed was a stripped-back and easy diet strategy that would maximise the outcomes of his 3 to 4 personal training periods each week.

Nick created a tailored diet plan constructed on easy but impressive principles we use with each individual solitary consumer at U.P.

Listed here Nick shares the ‘secrets’ to Glen’s diet that function for any person who desires to stage-up their final results:


What nutrition principles did you get Glen to concentrate on?

Glen’s diet was held quite very simple. He experienced a occupied and hectic program, extensive times on established filming and often unpredictable improvements to his daily schedule. This intended that tracking every bit of his meals was not the ideal technique for him. As a substitute, he was supplied a calorie and protein target with a focus on the core theory of ‘eating from the land.’

By this, we imply sticking to the varieties of foodstuff that you can eliminate, pick or pluck. The most essential facet of productive dieting, primarily when you have a quite finite and limited total of time, is discovering a prepare you can adhere to and abide by continually. Glen was on 2800 calories, having three or four times per working day, with an emphasis on protein.

He experienced a protein target of 200g. On the other hand, his carbs and fats were kept versatile so prolonged as he stayed within just his calorie concentrate on. He averted any dairy products and solutions because of to gut health challenges. A person day a 7 days, his calories would be dropped to around 2,000 with a emphasis on animal protein sources, this kind of as hen breast, and aiming for fewer than 100g of carbohydrates. The rest of his energy have been coming from great good quality unwanted fat resources.

During his transformation, Glen only utilised a handful of supplements to assistance his development and enable to give him an edge.

A Personalized DIET System Created TO FIT GLEN’S Major GUN Routine.

How did you take care of Glen’s diet all-around filming?

Glen was too fast paced to micromanage his diet. With some consumers, we would’ve stated, “put your diet in the U.P. Change app. I’m heading to observe your food and perform all-around with the calories”.

With Glen, that was not going to take place. So it was a lot more, “these are the rules. Let us communicate about your foods that you’ve been taking in for the very last day or two.”

Although we’re warming up for the exercise, I’m going to give you some guides, and I’m going to give you some ideas. I’m training him four instances a week, so I’m going to seem at his physique four moments a 7 days. So you can see – are you on observe?


What did Glen’s diet glance like day to day?

As I reported, Glen was in all probability eating three or four moments a working day, maximum. The emphasis was on protein. It was constantly high quality first. He would eat lean hen, lean beef, wild fish, like cod and halibut, and yellowfin tuna and shrimp.

We would handle energy more by manipulating carbs than by manipulating fat. His fats resources had been olive oil, fats from the protein resources, avocados, nuts, natural and organic butter, and coconut oil. His carb sources have been inexperienced vegetables, like broccoli and spinach, and basmati rice, oats and sweet potato.

Nonetheless, it was dependent on what he would take in or what he had the chance to try to eat. He may well have to consume a buffet on established. What is he going to take in? “I can only consume this I can only consume that.” Or he’s having the mistaken foods, or he’s produced mistakes. “Oh, I imagined this was a superior food items. No, this is not a great food items!”, “You ate this yesterday. Okay. We’re heading to go a little bit tighter currently.”, “Oh, you’re coming into shape also fast. We’re heading to up the calories.”. “You’re coming in also gradual. We’re going to lessen the calories.”

We could possibly lessen the calories by likely, “okay, let’s acquire a blanket prescription.” An effortless way to lessen energy is to go, “okay, no carbs for a working day. Let us see what occurs then”. It is fluid. It has to be fluid, and it is a discussion. And then this goes back again to the position I produced about the training – it’s about believe in.

Do you believe in a single a different? Are you a spouse? Are you a husband or wife with Glen on that particular journey? And if you have the suitable romantic relationship, then you have the proper degree of interaction, the correct level of honesty, and you mitigate issues, and you get where by you want to go a lot, a great deal more quickly.

Master how Glen properly trained throughout his Prime Gun transformation with an instance workouts included.



What development metrics or information ended up you monitoring in the course of Glen’s program?

We would observe Glen’s exercise routines and general performance. I want to see the gym general performance figures strengthening every and every time. If I know that he’s not above-training, he’s not above-dieting. He’s not pushing himself as well challenging. That is a crucial metric.

You are normally heading to request how he is sleeping. You’re likely to glance at body excess weight, but the truth of the matter of the subject is, who presents a damn about what he weighed? He could have weighed 50kg or 125kg. It is how is he likely to search on digital camera?

Body excess fat proportion is the exact same factor. You could use body excess fat percentage to keep track of. We often did it, but he didn’t care, and I didn’t treatment what his body body fat share was. It’s a self-importance metric. All that we cared about was how do you search? How are you searching? Can I grab your like handles or not? And you know me, I’m heading to be brutal.

What are you on the lookout like in people critical ‘money shots’? How are they coming in? And for us, the most important emphasis was the cash pictures. How are you heading to appear in those people specific postures and positions that we want to maximise on movie? Once more, what was distinctive about this vs . working with a common personal training consumer, a non-actor, is you are likely to be in Top rated Gun: Maverick.

You are going to have your prime off. You are going to be accomplishing selected poses – catching an American soccer, throwing the ball and celebrating the touchdown. And definitely, it worked due to the fact we have got him performing one particular of these photographs on billboards, probably all in excess of the entire world, which is a great buzz to see your do the job expressed in this kind of a way. It is incredibly gratifying.

GLEN’S Health supplements

Did you use any health supplements to help Glen’s body transformation objectives?

We did use a tiny handful of dietary supplements. Not a large amount, since we did not want to complicate anything. We used Estro Support. Not essentially to take care of estrogen stability – we use this as a complement for females to aid deal with estrogen equilibrium – but additional as an anti-inflammatory to assist continue to keep his physique searching as sharp and crisp as probable at the end.

We often did and will use the Amplify nutritional supplement, which is mainly leucine, as an intra-work out consume. This is a little something that I always use when I coach myself. It’s a few of scoops of Amplify at each and every workout. Then definitely, it is just the article-exercise session shake of supplying him 10, 15, 20 grams of glutamine, which is a transaminator, and creatine. He simply cannot have whey protein, so we would give him our vegan protein. We retained it straightforward.

You do anything you can to get an edge. So we wouldn’t do it if I did not feel it would’ve helped give an edge. It is also an prospect where you can definitely management what your client is ingesting. So if you are only with them for an hour, three, four situations a 7 days, I’m going to give them 50 or 60 grams of superior-excellent protein, additionally a handful of other things since it provides me a certain quantity of handle.


Glen’s diet was built on the philosophy of ‘Eating from the land’. He centered on eating nutrient-dense complete food items – higher high quality protein, abundant eco-friendly greens, and healthy resources of carbs and excess fat.

All through his initial 7-week training stage he was eating to a strategy with an estimated 2800. His macronutrient split was 200g protein, 300g carbs, 88g body fat.

One working day for every week his calories would drop to 2,000 with 100g of carbs.

(Disclaimer: this is an example – foodstuff selections would alter day to working day)


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