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  • Welcome to Ideal Fitness; Dublin’s Body Transformation specialists.

    At Ideal Fitness we realize that each person we work with is an individual, that is why we adapt our coaching and nutrition plans to your specific body, main goals, along with your exercise expertise. We cover all of the aspects of training from the initial screening with our sports therapist, that helps to inform the structure of our training recommendations, right through to the final stages of your body transformation, and we deliver the results closely with you to develop effective nutrition programming throughout your journey. We are qualified Trainers and just fallow our standard rules. We love to see results in our clients and like to see development in our training. We proceed a continual process reviewing and improving our training skills to ensure the effective task of training. All needs is your ambition and willing to change, the rest is our job. Whether You Need a Male or Female Personal Trainer, We Can Assist

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  • Finding it hard to get to the gym? The best part about Mobile Personal Training is that we can come to you

    There are times when a one-to-one class is the only way forward. Whether it's because of the hours you work, you don't have the confidence to get fit within a group, personal fitness sessions can provide that extra support, motivation and focus needed to reach your goals. Personal training sessions are obviously more effective when undertaken on a regular basis, ideally weekly. They can also be held in the comfort of your own home. All programs are individually designed to meet your goals. Nutrition will also be covered to ensure you eating a balanced diet to meet your training needs.

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    Learn how a Ideal Fitness mobile personal trainer can help you reach weight loss and fitness goals. Train at home, in your office, outdoors or even online, we have a mobile personal trainer ready to help you.

       I am Gabriel the founder of Ideal Fitness. My intention is to deliver my service on the step of our house. A  good opportunity for everyone to begin fitness and condition for a better life. With a over 10 years around gyms in Drogheda and fitness studios experienced strength, functional, power as well body tonification, weight lose and weight gain programs. Very dedicated to inspire and change  people life stile.

  • Training Benefits

    • Save membership  expenses
    • Save time
    • Not equipment needed
    • Learn and practice you self
    • Enjoy the nature around
    • Explore your one body strength
    • Specific design according your level
    • You will have  support and motivation
    • Nutritional advice with guarantee results
  • What You Get

    -Fitness - Strength - Weight Loss - Weight Gain - Stretch - Posture Correction - Cardio Endurance-      So, if you seek to: •Achieve a desired weight •Tone up •Enhance strength and fitness levels •Gain confidence in your body and your self •Reach your full fitness potential •Be educated about all aspects of fitness and exercise •Train at a time and place that suits you •Track progress •Be guided by professional yet friendly personal trainers  Then it’s time you consider training with us at Ideal Fitness. We will create a specific personal training program tailored to all your needs. Understanding nutrition program which is the key of your success also provided.  We are specialized in: Kattlebell Training, Suspension Training, Box Exercise, Strong Man Cardio,Strength and condition, Exercise to the music, Sport specific, Bodyweight Exercise, Nutrition.    

  • In-Home Personal Training Benefits


    Its about getting stuck in traffic in a cab, no more early morning or late night commuting in the rain, snow or having to rush back to a business meeting or home to eat dinner with family or friends.


    In-Home Personal Training will allow you all the benefits of working out at your gym Rathfarnham without feeling like you have an audience watching you every move.


    It’s pretty easy to talk yourself out of a trip to the gym. But when the trainer shows up at your door, there are no excuses..