• Getting Started

  • Getting Started

    First session assesstment initial consultation about you medical history, previsons training experience and your specific needs and goals.                                                    You will get to meet the trainer and before starting any exercise all the information gathered in this session is used to disign your on going workout program

    Starting personal training   


    Choose your start date and book your initial assessment. We offer 30 or 45sessions and you can set up location, plan that suits your needs schedule and budget.

     Paperwork and plan set up  

    Before you begin your new exercise regime, an initial consultation is a set-up between you and your personal trainer to identify YOUR goals and establish a program that will enable YOU to reach the results we are after. We have a few questionnaires for you to complete to give us some background info about you and ensure you are ready to start.

     Determinate you need and your first Priority

    Your first session is a 45 min health appraisal at your home. We use this session to determinate your exercise history, your current state of strength & fitness and your lifestyle changes that we need to help you implement. There is training in this session which sets the foundation for everything you do with us. You get to tell us your story and share your vision of health.

     We create your new lifestyle plan

    This includes your face to face sessions homework and nutrition plan to support you in achieving your goals.

     Let's go

    Each week we will come to you and train you according to your plan. We also keep accountable and support you every step along the way. Our session will be fun, challenging and you'll always feel safe. 

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