• Two-On-One Personal Training

  • Two-On-One Personal Training

    Two-on-One Personal training is where you and train with a friend, partner or a buddy. Many people find this to be a cost-effective way of hiring a mobile personal trainer as you share the costs of training with another person. With two-on-one personal training, you will receive personalized attention and the sessions and workout programs are tailored to each individual. This option is perfect for those on a limited budget or couples who want to train together.  Your personal trainer will create a comprehensive program that will include:

    • Nutrition: the foundation of all health and fitness
    • Resistance training: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
    • Cardiovascular exercise: optimize fat burning
    • Flexibility: to prevent injury, promote recovery
    • Coaching: knowledge, support, motivation, and accountability

     How many sessions per week do I need to train?                                                                                          This depends on your goals, motivation, and level of commitment. Most clients begin training 3 to 2 sessions per week for a period of 3 to 6 months. We work together until you reach your initial goals, then transition you to a maintenance program.


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