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Our mobile personal training team, service most around Dublin areas and we are equipped with all the exercise equipment necessary to deliver that type of exercise and fitness training that will get results. We come to you when and where you want.

We’re qualified trainers certified and fully insured fitness professionals. We are 100% committed to helping you reach your fitness and health goals and improve your quality of life. Still not sure? Then try our 60 Minute Starter Pack.

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Hi, I am Gabriel My experiences training include over 10 years at a variety of fitness centre. I have been involved in fitness at a very young age and have always enjoyed training and developed a passion for it. I decided to turn my passion into a career. I love working with clients helping them reach their goals and achieve feats they thought they couldn’t do. My pleasure is to push the limits every session be a challenge . The most interesting fact in workout is how fast the results are coming with the basic rules and continuity. My goal as Personal Trainer wanting to share with everyone my experience providing a comprehensive, healthy lifestyle promoting service. My training session are designed to be enjoyable, effective and easily incorporated in my clients lifestyle. I am passionate to help others to achieve their goals or-ever their are weight loss, weight gain, improve strength, fitness, rehabilitation from injury, disease prevention and stress reduction. I believe training outdoors is great to start achieving your fitness potential. Let’s get you goal happening now !



I am Any a qualified trainer and group instructor. I teach a wide range of classes, from Kangoo Jumps, Discovery, Boot-camp, Dance, Body Tone to Athletic and always willing to learn something new. I am committed to providing a comprehensive, healthy lifestyle promoting service. My passion for life allows me to guide all sorts of people to achieve their complete fitness potential. My training sessions are designed to be enjoyable, effective, and easily incorporated into my clients’ already hectic lifestyles. I want to inspire people I want someone to look at me and say ,,Because of you I didn’t give up”


Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Body Transformation and Online Coach

Lina is a Dublin/London-based personal trainer and an online transformation coach whose clients include professional athletes, celebrities, post-baby mums, brides, overweight teenagers, elderly and others. She has been involved in health and fitness from a very young age. She has played various sports and exercised regularly from far back. She trains, at least 5-6 times in a week. Her life revolves around fitness and that is what motivated her to become a Personal Trainer. “Since becoming a Personal Trainer I am pleased to see the results that I help my clients to achieve. Seeing the results of the hard work and dedication I have committed to my clients gives me great satisfaction and pride”

Lina works with each on an individual basis, focusing on reaching long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.

She is widely recognised for her expertise in HIIT training, Body Transformations and Weight loss and her commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques.

Lina’s dynamic and professional approach, endless energy and humour only add to the effectiveness of the experience her clients enjoy. Lina is certified by the Reps Ireland and is a graduate of NUIM Maynooth.

She is an excellent cook and always surprises you with easy delicious healthy recipes. Lina takes her job seriously and gives you 24/7 support which not many personal trainers would do.


Mobile Personal Trainers

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Hi I’m Alex, I’m a competitive natural bodybuilder, a coach, and I love to help people transform their lives through health and fitness, and I believe I’m very good at what I do! That may sound a little cocky, but I believe that it’s 100% true. There are too many coaches in the industry today who think that training people online is nothing more than giving meal plans, adjusting macronutrients and setting training programs. I am not one of those coaches.

Sure I can do all those things, help you lose fat, build lean muscle, get fitter and stronger. And ill get you the results you want, but there’s more to coaching than that. My role isn’t just to tell you to eat more carbs, add in cardio, or to get you to stop eating pizza. I listen to you. I’m your support, your encouragement and your accountability. I ensure you achieve all your aims, whether they’re physique-based, performance-based, or your deepest desire is to simply have a healthier relationship with food. The thing that makes me different to other coaches? I will NEVER do this at the expense of your health, your sanity and your enjoyment of life itself. Looking awesome and feeling fantastic are NOT mutually exclusive.

You can live a normal life, go out to eat with your kids, have drinks with friends, make the most of everything the world has to offer and be in great shape.


MSC nutrition, personal training, Pilates & yoga. Dun Laoghaire.

My motto is that if you are persistent you will achieve it, if you are consistent you will maintain it.
I am an advocate for individuals experiencing any form of mental health and capable of motivating them to overcome barriers to train and adopt a balanced lifestyle with nutrition. The 80:20 rule is of utmost importance when following a nutrition plan. 80% of foods should be wholesome and nutrient dense with 20% room for treats and indulgence.
I am a keen triathlete and love to motivate individuals to achieve their highest fitness potential and anaerobic capacity along with achieving an ideal body composition through steady fat loss.



My name is Arina. I am a qualified Personal Trainer ( EQF Level 4), Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Kettelbell Trainer.
My aim is to create a positive and fun experience for clients, as well as using the best of my knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their goals.
I use my own experience from sports to help clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
Pushing myself to the limits is something that has made me who I am today. I want to teach others the importance of proper movement and physical discipline so they can be the best version of themselves.

What PT can do for you?

  • Lose weight ( if part of your goals)
  • Tone and strengthen your body
  • Diet and nutrition advice
  • Improve your Fitness, Energy , Strengthen your core
  • Improve your confidence
    All you need is the power of your mind!!!

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