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One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training is simple you and your personal trainer. If you are new to fitness or you have specific training needs and goals this is a great option for you. You get to choose the time and locations that suits you and your program is personalized to achieve maximum results. Your personal trainer will create a comprehensive program that will include:

  • Nutrition: the foundation of all health and fitness
  • Resistance training: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
  • Cardiovascular exercise: optimize fat burning
  • Flexibility: to prevent injury, promote recovery
  • Coaching: knowledge, support, motivation and accountability

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Mobile Personal Trainers

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Learn how a Ideal Fitness mobile personal trainer can help you reach weight loss and fitness goals. Train at home, in your office, outdoors or even online, we have a mobile personal trainer ready to help you.

Who can we work with?

Whatever your age, experience or fitness level we'll deliver the right solution for you. Our clients are...

  • Aged 6-90
  • Males & Females
  • Beginners through to advanced
  • Chronically unfit through to athletes

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