• Small Group Personal Training

  • Small Group Personal Training

    Small Group Personal Training is always a better fitness option training with a partner or in a small group, that’s because you are more likely to stick to your training and with a saving of over 40% it makes great economic sense. Our Small Group Personal Training is perfect for those who want the benefits of having a personal trainer but at the shared cost of training in groups of 3 to 6 people. With Small Group Personal Training we offer a personalized service to our clients with sessions that are tailored to all fitness levels and age. With many large group training sessions and gym memberships, you pay if you turn up or not, however with our small group training you pay for the sessions you attend. If you have 3 or more people start your own small group training group today.                                                                                

    •Train as a family or group of friends                                                                          

    Small groups 3 - 6 people

    •Share the costs and save

    •Start your own group         

    The sessions will be tailored to each fitness level, as we keep the groups small we are able to provide personalized attention.

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