Bootcamp Workout Concept: The “10 to 1”


10 TO 1


When it will come to functioning a Bootcamp, it is popular for the teacher to refer TO the regular formats – either a standard circuit or a HIIT class. Now the two of these formats are wonderful but if which is all the teacher does – the exercises can start to get a minor repetitive. My guidance is to have as several distinctive formats up your sleeve as possible… AMRAPs, Accumulators, Mobile phone Quantity Exercise sessions, Birthday Exercise sessions, Beyonce Exercise routines and the record goes on…

One particular of my favourite Bootcamp workouts is the “10 to 1”

10 to 1 (Easy Edition)

Choose 5-6 exercises



Hip Thrusts

Lunge variation (each leg)



Contributors will finish:

10 reps of every physical exercise, followed by 9 reps of just about every training, followed by 8 reps of every single physical exercise, and the cycle continues until individuals are down to finishing 1 rep of each training.

For case in point:

10 squats, 10 hip thrusts, 10 curtsey lunges (each individual leg), 10 thrust-ups, 10 TRX rows… then

9 squats, 9 hip thrusts, 9 curtsey lunges (just about every leg), 9 force-ups, 9 TRX rows…

And so on.

Once the to start with man or woman in the group finishes 1 rep of each and every work out, the total group stops which would make it far more of a team exercise! Ideally, you’d like to application this work out so your contributors entire the training in close to 20-25mins.

Additions to the 10 to 1 exercise session

A number of items I personally like to insert to the work out.

1) A continuous ‘locomotion’ variety exercise after every single spherical. Some thing like a shuttle run, a bear crawl, walking lunges, and many others.

The exercise routine would basically search like this:

10 squats, 10 hip thrusts, 10 curtsey lunges (every leg), 10 thrust-ups, 10 TRX rows… 10-meter facet shuttle run… then

9 squats, 9 hip thrusts, 9 curtsey lunges (each and every leg), 9 thrust-ups, 9 TRX rows… 10-meter facet shuttle run…


This just provides extra motion to the exercise session and makes sure individuals aren’t just working out in a single location.

2) An ‘interval’

Each two minutes my timer will go off and contributors will carry out 2 burpees and then go on with their workout.

This just adds assortment to the training and can make it fewer monotonous.

Normal Programming for Bootcamp Tips

When programming for Bootcamp, below are a number of standard concepts I suggest.

Several Planes: Bootcamp Workout routines are infamous for only working in the sagittal aircraft I make certain there is at minimum 1 training (if not a lot more) in the frontal and/or transverse plane in each Bootcamp Exercise session I method.

Numerous Chains: Bootcamp Workouts are infamous for only working in the anterior chain (press-ups, squats, planks, etcetera.), so for every single Bootcamp Exercise routine I plan – I make sure to stability anterior with posterior chain (example: squats vs swings and force-ups vs bent above rows)

Many Positions: Bootcamp Routines are infamous for members just standing in just one place and performing the physical exercises: For each individual Bootcamp Exercise I program – I make certain to consist of a number of distinct positions standing, bent in excess of, susceptible, supine ,etc.

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