Osgood-Schlatter Disorder


Osgood-Schlatter ailment is a problem characterised by discomfort and tenderness more than the most prominent bony portion over the tibia just down below the front of the knee (the tibial tubercle). It is the commonest sort of traction apophysitis.

Clinical presentation:

It commonly takes place in kids in the age group of 10-14 years particularly these concerned in working or jumping sporting activities. It is just about 4 times commoner in boys than in women. It is characterised by anterior knee pain and tenderness which worsens on exercise. A standard characteristic is issue in kneeling down.


Discomfort, tenderness and swelling more than the tibial tubercle
Soreness can be elicited by pressing down on the shin in a flexed knee place with the subject attempting to lengthen in opposition to resistance
extensive standing situations display weakening and eventual squandering of the quadriceps on the afflicted side
very long standing cases also present limited potential of knee flexion


X-ray: commonly not demanded as prognosis is scientific. Nonetheless, when carried out, it demonstrates tender tissue inflammation above the tibial tubercle as nicely as fragmentation of the tibial tubercle (both of those capabilities when existing in combination are considered diagnostic).

Indications for X-ray:

when analysis is in doubt
when a much more serious injury (avulsion of the tibial tubercle) is suspected
when in spite of appropriate procedure, signs are relieved


Relaxation from exercise is in all probability the most effective mode of procedure esp. in extreme conditions
In milder conditions, some amount of action can be allowed to be carried out
To decrease the level of traction force on the tibial tubercle, a graded adaptability system for the quadriceps and hip flexors is undertaken
Strengthening of the quadriceps also is a wonderful way to decrease traction on the tibial tubercle
Abnormalities of joint movements like hyperpronation as properly as patellar malalignment should be corrected by educating the subject matter as perfectly as endeavor physical exercise systems and orthotics


Ordinarily extremely very good
Calcification may possibly occur in a tiny range of conditions indications persist more time, instability of the knee joint can come about. These instances may require surgical intervention


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